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Finex in chromatographic resins

The Power of Chromatographic resins


Effective use of raw materials contribute towards creating a sustainable global economy.

Chromatographic Separation is the solution to many challenges.


We tailor-make Chromatographic Resins and their production processes in order to maximize the yields out of scarce natural resources.


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Finex in investment casting

Specialty Polymers in Investment Casting

Cross-linked polystyrene (Styrene and Divinylbenzene co-polymer) is a common filler used in production of synthetic waxes for the so-called lost wax process as used by the Precision Investment Casting industry. Wax fillers have a major influence on the basic physical properties of the investment casting waxes where it is important to ensure that a good surface finish to the investment is achieved. Large portions of the investment casting waxes in current use contain fillers of different type.


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Finex in pharma

Our Pharmaceutical offer

Finex manufactures an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for supply to the pharma industry. Our product is based on a powdered styrene/divinyl benzene matrix with a sulfonic acid functional group neutralized in the calcium ionic form.

Calcium polystyrene sulfonate is used for treatment of hyperkalemia and the function of the resin is to reduce the potassium level in serum. The products manufactured by Finex are produced in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and have GMP certificate.


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Finex in power plants

The Power of powdered resins

Powdered resins are widely used in nuclear and conventional power plants for condensate polishing. Resins are placed on the surface of a filter, with or without additional (fibrous) filter aids, and the condensate flows through the bed of powdered resin. This approach enables not only the removal of dissolved ions but also any suspended solids.


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Finex commitments

Finex quality control

Rigorous attention to quality is present at all stages of the manufacturing process, from receipt of incoming raw materials through the production stage to the final packed product is subject to strict quality control procedures. The quality management system at Finex is ISO 9001:2008 certified and it covers all functions.

The system is audited regularly and a programme of continuous improvement is in place. Finex chromatographic separation resins comply with the FDA regulations and are suitable for food contact applications.

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