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Rigorous attention to quality is present at all stages of the manufacturing process, from receipt of incoming raw materials through the production stage to the final packed product is subject to strict quality control procedures. The quality management system at Finex is ISO 9001:2015 certified and it covers all functions.

The system is audited regularly and a programme of continuous improvement is in place. Finex chromatographic separation resins comply with the FDA regulations and are suitable for food contact applications.

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Our Commitment in Environment, Health and Safety issues are of the utmost importance to us. Finex is a member of the Zero Accident Forum (Nolla tapaturmaa foorumi) and we work proactively with the work force to minimize the number of injuries and accidents at our manufacturing facility. At Finex we strive to continuously improve our working methods and practices to maintain a safe place in which to work.

We comply with the general principles of the Chemical Industries Association Responsible Care programme:

  1. We consider environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues, and minimizing problems associated with these, as an important and inseparable part or our business activities.
  2. We train, advise and encourage all our personnel to work in a responsible way in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) matters.
  3. We continuously strive to minimize emission levels and improve the efficiency of our use of raw materials and energy.
  4. We continually assess our activities, to identify and reduce environmental, health and safety risks.
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  1. We analyze wherever possible the environmental, health and safety impact of all new processes and products prior to their adoption or launch.
  2. We keep the authorities informed of our operations and their possible environmental, health and safety impact.
  3. We keep the public and other interest groups informed of our production operations and products, and their environmental, health and safety aspects; and we respond to anxiety and concern expressed about them.
  4. We provide our customers with advice on the safe use and disposal of our products.
  5. We expect our subcontractors and suppliers to follow these principles whenever possible.
  6. We inform partners involved in technology transfer projects of the appropriate measures required to protect the environment and ensure health and safety.

Finex prides itself on its pro-active approach to its concern for the environment as a result of its manufacturing activities. The following are examples of its commitment in this area.

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As a member of Motiva’s Energy Efficiency Programme Finex has demonstrated a desire to save energy as well as reducing our carbon footprint.


Finex has a contractual relationship with PYR who operate in conjunction with producers in the field of packing as required by the Waste Act. PYR assists its member firms in order that the recovery obligations, as stipulated by the EU Packaging Directive and related Finnish legislation may be complied with as economically and seamlessly as possible.

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A key objective of this new EU regulation is to improve the protection of human health and the environment. To this end Finex Oy is committed to REACH and ensures that the necessary steps have been taken to comply with this European Chemical regulation. Ion exchange resins are considered polymers under Reach and polymers are exempt from registration and evaluation. The materials used in the manufacture of Finex ion exchange resins and polymers are purchased from REACH compliant suppliers.

If you want to have more information about permissions and certificates, please contact us.