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Finex manufactures an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for supply to the pharma industry. Our product is based on a powdered styrene/divinyl benzene matrix with a sulfonic acid functional group neutralized in the calcium ionic form.

Calcium polystyrene sulfonate is used for treatment of hyperkalemia and the function of the resin is to reduce the potassium level in serum. The products manufactured by Finex are produced in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and have GMP certificate.

The site is regularly inspected by FIMEA (the Finnish Medicines Agency) who ensure that good practice is being maintained.

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The Pharma products are handled by our network of distributors. Please contact us for further information.

  • Ebisu Kagaku & Co Ltd, Torigoe 2-5-1, Taito-ku, 1110054 Tokyo, Japan
  • Acris Feinchemicalien, Boveristrasse 1, 68526 Ladenburg, Germany
    • phone: +49 6221 6095-0
    • fax: +49 6221 6095-95
    • email:
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You may also contact us if you have any other resin based API products you are interested in.